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Ro Pro windows and doors, provide improved protection from exterior elements.

About us

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RoPro is the preferred, certified installation company for Homeflash Inc. Homeflash is currently the most innovative, Canadian code compliant flashing product on the market and is used to protect and insulate window and door rough openings. Preventing wind and water penetration into your homes causing mold, and damage, has become one of the biggest concerns for home builders and home owners over recent years as over 40% of all home warranty claims are the result of water penetration. There goal is to provide the most complete, consistent, code compliant protection for your home thus reducing costly repairs, replacements and untimely insurance claims. Ultimately the organization will be providing window and door rough opening protection and insulation, window and door installations including sealing these to the interior and providing a 10 year warranty on the complete package. Their attention to detail, their installation processes, and their consistent, accurate, and Canadian code compliant procedures are second to none in the industry.

who we are

RoPro incorporated in November 2022.

There is a need for improved window and door water protection and insulation from the exterior elements. Current processes and products are 15 to 20 years old and are long overdue for an upgrade. Upcoming new national home codes aimed towards achieving net 0 and changing current, outdated building processes will be released later this year. ROPro Ltd’s technical expertise, industry knowledge and product partners meet and exceed current and future industry codes and will continue down that path for years to come.

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At RoPro, we take pride in providing our builder partners and ultimately their homeowners with the most complete, code compliant, warrantied installation service in the industry. Homeowners are making the biggest investments of their lives, so why would they not want and expect the best protection for their home ensuring the life and longevity of their investment. We are passionate about homebuilding quality.



Our team of experienced professionals has over 60 years of experience in the industry. We have seen and experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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We use only the highest quality materials and products in protecting your home.

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Our top priority is ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with our services. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our services to meet them.

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Our professional team

Meet the RoPro team, a group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing top-notch door and window protection services to our customers.