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The homeflash products prevents moisture and water from penetrating into the interior of the home through the rough openings. Any water that gets through the stucco, rock or siding and into the rough opening will drain to the bottom and will flow outwards of the building via Homeflash’s custom insulated sloped sill.


Sealants and waterproofing delivered with hands-on technical support at every stage.

Home Flash

HomeFlash is a revolutionary sill pan flashing system, engineered to solve the damaging effects of water infiltration into a wall assembly.

What is Home Flash?

HomeFlash is a revolutionary sill pan flashing system, engineered to solve the damaging effects of water infiltration into a wall assembly. With changing National and Provincial Building Codes, HomeFlash offers state-of-the-art sill pan systems that are engineered and tested to help eliminate moisture failures and exceed the performance of self-adhering membranes or molded PVC products.

HomeFlash was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2015 with a commitment to designing, manufacturing, and installing a durable sill pan flashing system. Our leadership team has extensive expertise in management, framing, window fabrication, and product installations. Moreover, we specialize in new home warranty service, remediation, investigations, and repairs, and have proven success in the building envelope industry, which is a key component of our company’s foundation. HomeFlash Inc. delivers that same commitment to quality and results for our customers and homebuyers. Our team has been providing advanced solutions that have assisted architects and homebuilders in delivering a sound building envelope detail for over 15 years. We are dedicated to continuing to provide cutting edge solutions with direction from CNRC/NRC, CCMC and testing laboratories across Canada and the US. Defending the homes of our clients against moisture failures is at the foundation of HomeFlash Inc. We believe in building confidence through practical innovation and design.

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